Kima Surfaris Supports the Soul Surf Project

soul surf project bali Surfing for a Better Future
The „Soul Surf Project“ is a non-profit organization that helps underprivileged orphans of Bali to conquer the best waves in the world by providing surfing lessons and at the same time helps them to understand the vulnerability of nature in general.

What is the Project about?
While surfing children are surrounded by elements of nature and learn to appreciate the beauty of the ocean. To reinforce this respect for nature, the kids are educated about the environment, how they can help to make Bali a better and cleaner place to live, and encourage them to stand up for Mother Nature!

Furthermore, the project creates perspectives for kids to find opportunities in Bali’s booming tourism industry, and at the same times tries to make them mentors of the island’s ecological development.

Environmental lessons are an important part of the Soul Surf Project as pollution is getting a more serious problem, and there is a lot of work to do in terms of environmental awareness.

Surf and environmental lessons are being combined. Support in the development of surf and teaching skills is given as a reward for awareness, knowledge, and a new attitude.

Soul Surf project Bali wants to reach its goals by organizing the following activities:

  • Environmental class room lessons
  • Beach cleaning days
  • Surf lessons, surf theory and yoga
  • Private surf lessons for the young talents
  • Yearly surf contests for all orphans who participated in the program
  • Fundraising events


How can We Help?
All Kima guests donate to the „Surf Soul Project Bali“ through their booking and contribute to local social engagement. Furthermore, we invite the project’s representatives to present their work to our camp guests and answer their questions.

For further information, or how you can help in addition to your Surfari booking, contact the Kima Office. We would appreciate every support.

Send us an email to ( 

Soul Surf Projekt Bali